Wednesday, July 14, 2021

Outline of Lobsang Tshultrim GNON NA's PHD dissertation 2021-2024

Paper for 2021 to be published in Religion Journal.

Lobsang Tshultrim GNON NA


1.    Analysis on assertation of tranquil abiding meditation focussing on mind-object vs a physical-object as beginner-meditator’s object and what are its challenges from the perspective of Ye shes rgyal mtshan and earlier scholars.


Size: 6000 words in English


a.       Historical sources of Śamatha and its significance


Wednesday - July 21, 2021



b.       What is the nature and characteristics of meditative objects (object of mindfulness)?




Wednesday – July 28, 2021



c.       What is the nature and characteristics of meditative object that Vajrayāna- (Mahāmudra) based Śamatha is focussed on?




Wednesday-August 4, 2021



d.       What is nature and characteristics of the meditative object that Paramitayana-based Śamatha is focussed on?





e.       How these meditative objects impact on the meditator’s training.




f.        Why they are claimed beginner’s meditative objects?



g.       What are the arguments to assert them as beginner’s meditative objects?




h.       conclusion









6 months’ Internship plan

From 2022 – 2nd semester



a.       Studying the Rinzai Zen Meditation manual




b.       While studying Rinzai Zen meditation, collecting data/stories about how the meditation has been influential to cross-cultural societies, including Japan.






c.       Find comparable elements between Rinzai Zen and Tibetan Mahāmudrā






d.       Write a report about the project outcome.





3 months’ Project-based report

2023 1st semester




a.       Proposing a guided meditation manual




b.       Choosing a targeted population



c.       Writing and guiding each week’s meditation session for several weeks



d.       Conducting interview with the participants






Paper for 2023

2023 2nd semester


2.       Analysis on what entails tranquil abiding meditation focussing on mind-object and its challenges from the perspective of Ye shes rgyal mtshan, Tsong kha pa and earlier scholars.


The Indian International Journal of Buddhist Studies

The Journal of International Association for Buddhist Studies 

Saturday, May 26, 2018

Some thoughts about my interest in learning the methods and theories studied and practiced by Clinical Psychologists at large

I have been thinking to develop a practice in Japan, on how to cultivate and sustain a good attitude in an individual's life.
Meanwhile, I am trying to access to research papers pertaining to various educational fields, to learn how I can adopt their research methodology and at the same time how this "Cultivating and Sustaining a Good Attitude" meditation course can be a worth for research, in the interest of mental well being.

Also, I have been wondering in my course whether I can adopt some of the effective method of treatment taught in Clinical Psychology. I would love to hear ideas and comments related to treatment methodology from people who have exposure to clinical psychology.

Sunday, April 22, 2018

Integrated Mindfulness Meditation Course in Kani City, Japan

Yesterday was the last day of the 4-week course for Integrated Mindfulness Meditation at Kani City. The course was designed for beginners. Each class of the course started with a 15-minute presentation on theory, which  was then followed by approximately 45-minute guided meditation. At the end of the class, there was a Q and A session, where we took questions and feedback from the attendees. It was wonderful!

We will again lead 4-week meditation course in May. Classes will start at 10:30 am and end at 11:45 am on every Monday, starting from April 30th. It will continue through May 7th, 14th and 21st. You can either attend only 1 class to learn the basic rules of meditation or attend all 4 classes to see how your meditation skill and experience are progressing over the month. The 45-minute guided meditation class is a whole class in itself and is not dependent on previous or latter classes;therefore, we repeat the 45-minute guided meditation in all the 4 classes as a practical application. However, the 15-minute theory presentation prior to guided meditation session will vary from class to class. 

If you're interested in the meditation class, please book the class either by phone or email. If you prefer to bring your own cushion and drinking water, you're welcome! Otherwise, only cushions are available in the class. We also recommend you to bring a piece of paper and pen if you like to write a note during the talk session.

Last but not least, we would like to thank our attendees for paying their interest in the meditation course, and for contributing their feedback as well. We wish you best of luck and happy spring season.   

Saturday, April 21, 2018

Yesterday afternoon, I went with my tutor to Tofuya cafe and had a cafe latte and tofu-cheese cake


Yesterday morning, I spent few hours studying Japanese language

Yesterday morning, I spent few hours studying Japanese language. During my studies, I learned about how to use tenses, and had role play reading with my tutor. Below are pictures taken during my study time.  

Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Today, Peko and I took a walk along the community side walk. While taking the walk, few interesting event unfolded to my curiosity.

Below are some picture that I took today, while walking along the community side walk with Peko. When I started to take picture of surrounding nature, I bumped up with a Japanese man. We immediately greeted, saying "Koni Chiwa!" to each other, which means Hello! in Japanese. He then asked me whether I like taking picture of the nature. I replied, yes, I do. He then told me he is also a photographer and potter. After some conversation, I realized that we live close to each other. He said, he is going to have photo exhibition in the coming up summer. And asked me, "If you like to see my work, I can send you an invitation card" I replied, "I would be happy to see your work!" I then gave him, my mailing address to send the invitation card. At the end of conversation, we thanked each other, saying "Arigato goziamasu" while bowing our head down in a typical Japanese manner and we left towards our respective direction.

On my way back home,  few thoughts crossed my mind, "thinking, there might be or not be a photography club in the city. If I find one, I shall join the club, to learn more about photography." Then I walked ahead and took few picture of electric poles. As always, electric poles have been my favorite sight. They remind me of my childhood memories. I call them, "pole of my memories". They take me to different episodes of my life. 

Thursday, April 12, 2018

Today, I Feel Physically Good and Mentally Rewarding After the Farm Work

Today, I visited my Father-in-law's farm. I went there with father-in-law to do some farm work as I always like to do farm work and gardening as well. When we reached the farm, I asked my father-in-law how can I help him. He gave me few instruction: As per instruction, firstly, I took out weeds that were growing around the onion shoots. Then I soften the soil around the shoots and made it even. Secondly, I worked on another piece of land, where I laid down young onion shoots next to each other, separating each at 10 centimetre distance. Thirdly, I put straws or hay to cover the roots of the shoots. After this, I took a short break as a part of the instruction :)) While I was on break I took some picture thinking my blog readers may be interested to see what is farming like in spring in Japan. Hopefully, you'll enjoy them. Furthermore, I worked on different piece of land where there were lots of weed growing around a row of chives, which is one of my favourite ingredients for making Tibetan dish called "momo". This dish is similar to Japanese gyoza except we use beef (if you're non-vegetarian) or cottage cheese (if you're vegetarian). Finally, we brought handful of chives to home. As a result of today's farm work,  I feel physically good and mentally rewarding. I appreciate my father-in-law for providing me this wonderful experience. 

Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Travel to Magome-juku

My Visit To Magome-juku Village

Today, my in laws and I had a wonderful trip to Magome-juku village which is located in Ena city area. The weather was perfect for this trip. I took many picture on the way to and in Magome-juku. We wanted to climb the hill to have a closer view of Mount Ena. Before we climb the hill, my mother-in-law bought some local snacks (mochi). I thought it was to boost up our energy so that we could easily climb the steep hill. Indeed we climbed the hill quite easily. After reaching the top of the hill we sat there for a while to view the Ena mountain which appeared close and huge. 

On the way down hill we stop at a local soba restaurant for lunch. The soba soup was delicious and filling. After finishing the meal I felt relaxed. Then we slowly walked down the hill till we reached the parking place for our car. Soon after we got in the car,  I easily fell in sleep. Later when I woke up I noticed that we have almost approached our hometown. After arriving at home, I started to upload some of the pictures which are now posted here to share with my blog readers. I hope you'll enjoy viewing them. Perhaps, my blog readers have any feedback to my travel photos and story, you are welcome to post them at the bottom of this page, in the comment box . Your feedback will inspire me to write stories and post photos again.  Thank you. 

Outline of Lobsang Tshultrim GNON NA's PHD dissertation 2021-2024

Paper for 2021 to be published in Religion Journal. Lobsang Tshultrim GNON NA   1.     Analysis on assertation of tranquil abiding meditatio...